The Dilemma

The ‘moo’ is strong enough to have divided the nation. The cow had always been a useful animal in the agrarian economy, and a nation that loved dairy products. The loyalty and meek nature of the animal, has endeared cows to several families, bordering on worship. Yesss… the key to action lies in this word. A single word with religious significance is sufficient to whip the nation into a frenzy. They happily tie themselves in knots over issues of identity, maternal affection, a culture that accepts animals as family and carbon emission issues in the environment.

‘Beef’ became a bone of contention between various sections of society. The beef-eaters formed a miniscule percentage of the population of more than a billion. However, some stood for freedom of choice, and some were consumed by their hatred for a particular section of society. Beef export fetches precious dollars, and the issue acquires economic significance, other than being a socio-religious binder.

I love dogs, and I hate the Yulin dog festival. I have signed several petitions on, to stop the cruelty. At the same time, I continue to enjoy my chicken and seafood meals. Do I have a right to support or oppose this movement?


Inspired by @SoCS reminder by Linda G Hill

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Apr. 15/17


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