Liquid Power

The district court had delivered its verdict in favour of the culprit, citing lack of eye-witnesses as an explanation. Ananya, the young prosecution lawyer, broke down while apologizing to her client, Jyoti.

Ananya had spent the last half an hour, staring at the coffee cup. The cappuccino had lost its steam. She will not let this happen to her crusade. She looked at the painting on the wall opposite her, and it gave her the needed boost.

She needed to liquefy– spread herself so thin, that the message reached every corner of the nation. Social media, influencers and legal channels were all to be employed. Jyoti’s battle against her abuser had to become a nationwide cause.

Only water could flow seamlessly through all the hard rocks that they encountered on their path. Water cuts through stone, by eroding it gradually, but has to absorb pollutants in the process, like the bought court verdict.  Electrolytes dissolve in water, to become charge-carrying solutions. Jyothi and Ananya would become that duo.

(168 words)


Inspired by Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers Challenge (FFWAC) at

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