Giving is a matter of choice. As per the dictionary, Give is to present voluntarily and without expecting compensation. The joy of giving disappears the very moment, it becomes an obligation. Yet, the world tries to confine you into narrow spaces of duty, religion and charity. These are different from paybacks, where one should repay whatever was taken. It is a transaction, and keeps the energy flowing.

Man-made inequalities have destroyed the world. The haves do not acknowledge that the have-nots were duped in some manner, to create the ‘surplus’ which they have. They think that duping is work, duping is their contribution to balance sheets and duping is brilliance. Imposed charity might take away a small percentage of their wealth, but the flow is designed to indirectly find a way back to the giver. Corporate Social Responsibility is a brand-building exercise, and is not remotely connected with ‘giving back.’ The taxation laws have given rise to charitable institutions, which pull a big fraud on the unsuspecting public. And the fraudulent charities made people suspicious of giving. That is GENIUS (not just business or politics, and certainly not social service) – the genius of the wealthy, which they think gives them a right to be snatchers and slave-drivers.

A sense of ownership is what created inequality in the world. The opposite of ‘give’ is ‘snatch’. It ceases to be ‘take’, if the exchange is not between two equal entities, who respect each other’s existence and value.

It is the word ‘forgive’ which perhaps encompasses the spirit of the word ‘give’. ‘Gifting’ reeks of ego,  a sense of superiority over the other.


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  1. I always say that to expect something is to be disappointed. It’s the same with expecting anything in return – only as you say, there is a teaching moment in there too. Thank you for this wonderful, thought-provoking post, Reena. 🙂

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