Grey inheritance

“Hey, buddy! Come up on the terrace! It is sky-watching time. Grandma says the Sun used to have a bigger and brighter orb in her youth, and they had distinct parts of daily routines, called Night and Day.”

“Right! My online tutor told me to observe the grey orb.”

“And what is that made of?”

“The search engine says – particles of dust and soot, emitted from Earth, and collected in the sky over a period of time. It has created a dimmer world.”

“Any solutions?”

“A clean-up of polluting minds, to purify the flow of energy in the world.”

(100 words)


Inspired by Saturday Mix by Bastet

5 thoughts on “Grey inheritance

  1. Hmm .. an interesting solution to an arduous problem .. I do so believe that if we could clean up our values we might find it easier to clean up our planet. Loved your story!

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