“That was in rather bad taste, Henry! You should not have created a scene in the birthday party”, fumed Martha.

“What exactly is good taste? Your claim to superiority above others? I am a son of the soil, and have my feet firmly rooted in the ground”.

“Taste is what makes food and the world palatable.”

“But, not necessarily wholesome. Or, bitter medicines would not restore health. Your supercilious  friends needed a dose of that medicine.

And there is something called ‘acquired taste’. It is your strategy to blend better, and people do it gladly to enter the elite circles.

I suggest you do it to attune itself to reality.”

Martha would have happily divorced the crude fella, if he was not running for presidential elections. She had to stop judging, and craft a new identity for herself.

The doctor’s words were ringing in her ears

Place the capsule on your tongue, sit in an upright position, and take a sip of water.

Place the tablet on your tongue, and ensure your lips are tightly closed around the tip of the water bottle.

Soon, the world would learn more about this acquired taste, while she would reap benefits of patience.


Inspired by Tale Weaver no.114




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