Too late?

I sadly reflected on the years gone by. I had found my Self, but it was too late to change the world. At the fag end of an earthly existence, the opportunities of transforming one’s own life, start appearing remote.

In retrospect, I had always taken up for the underdog. I had always rebelled against authoritarianism. So, a value system was certainly in place. The missing link was channelization of the values, to transform things. The failure was in finding the right medium of expression, or getting on the right platforms.

The world goes through cycles of awareness and action. Maybe I entered at the wrong time. Am I doomed to spending the last years in regret?

Find the right slot

Find that lost bit of yourself

and invest in it.

It is never too late to

change a small part of the world.

Haibun inspired by B’s Poetry Challenge. Take it up at


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