The air smelt different

The air outside the brothel smelt different, but she wondered why she felt uneasy.

The Madam had been gracious enough to let her go, and build a life for her unborn child.

Male eyes still ogled, as they tried to brush past her.

Within the four walls of the enclosure, she had the freedom to choose the person, influence them in the manner she liked, and decide what she wanted in return.

Sadly, walking on the pavement had taken away the controls from her.


Inspired by In Other Words, different at

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3 thoughts on “The air smelt different

  1. Oh, this is sad. The controls she had in the enclosure weren’t really hers, were they? Do you think the madam was really being gracious or controlling in her actions? Very thought provoking writing. Thank you for linking to In Other Words.

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