Living on the edge

Life-purpose acquires meaning on the edge. Life takes all the trouble to build a bridge, and takes one close to deep waters. It then, lets you decide. One cannot swim ashore, nor find a boat to save dear life. The choice is all yours.

One can invent equipment to measure the depth, or enjoy the drama from the side-lines. One can write a story about the whale that carried a human on its back to the other end, or the sharks waiting for the fall.

The only pathway that life does not provide is going back, unlike this constructed structure.

(100 words)


Inspired by 100 Word Wednesday at Bikurgurl. Take the challenge at

100 Word Wednesday: Week 13


8 thoughts on “Living on the edge

  1. Well done! Digging deep and seeing hidden meanings and parables. What a wonderful image — the bridge of life only leads you forward, not back. Thank you so much for joining us again this week 🙂

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