The Mother-In-Law

Her chagrin gave me immense satisfaction. Here was the mighty, authoritative matriarch, now struggling to have her way around people. She had always held others to her exacting standards, without a thought on their personal views. She had ruled with an iron hand, with full support from the husband and sons.

The mother-in-law was now confined to bed, looked after by a nurse. She still complained, while others smiled and moved on. She looked back in time, and found nothing to connect. Power was just intoxication, others’ anger and tears just emotions. There was strategy and manipulation, but it was now outdated and outdone. What would get her joy?


Life comes full circle

burning bridges is unwise

one might need help…….

Power is ephemeral

understanding will give joy.

Haibun inspired by ronovanwrites-weekly-haiku-poetry-prompt-challenge-143

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