The Karma Wall

The words were written on the wall, in blood, and had haunted Ritvick for two years.

He was an actor that millions swooned over, and female fans swore love for him, in letters written in blood. He had always laughed at the silliness of it all. What they saw on screen, was not his real face. Why go to macabre lengths, to say “I like your work”?

That was all that his namesake had demanded – recognition for his work. But Ritvick was a slave to Power, a high priest of the Establishment. The plea did not find a way to him. Or did it?

He had a choice to respect ability, but he did not do so. He succumbed to the culture of nepotism and dictatorial rule. The guiltiest people in the world, are those that have the power to change things, but do not exercise it. Ritvick topped the list of the guilty, but ironically, could not be booked under any law of the land. He had managed to cover up the blood on his hands, and convince his conscience of innocence.

The Karma Wall had not forgotten him. He stood in the queue, to receive his just desserts.

(200 words)


Inspired by the April Prompt Challenge by Author Hope Ann


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