The Agnostics

Why did they have to hang themselves with invisible ropes? Who had deactivated their wings, to prevent escape? This was a strange planet, and they hadn’t bargained for this.

Do-gooders were not kindly looked at, here. They interfered with the smooth functioning of several other machinations that ruled the world. The people who tried to invoke Gods, were just raw, immature kids with no experience. They were just exposing themselves to punitive action. The fact being that there were no Gods on this planet, and entry from other worlds had been blocked by invisible energy screens.

The existing ones had to exercise a choice – either opt for the new scheme, or disappear from cyberspace. There was no significant existence outside cyberspace. Curious kids like this one, may like to visit the museums, to look at species that once existed. The neo-establishment hoped that the visitors learnt their lessons from the experience of outliers, and fall in line.

The ones that hung themselves out there, laughed silently. It was the laughter of the shamanic, the agnostic beings. They had seen it all, and sensed the futility of battles on both sides of the invisible screen. The ultimate Truth lay somewhere else.

(200 words)


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