Life is real, though finite. The body is real, though ephemeral. The mind and soul drive the body, through the senses. The work which I do, is both real and eternal. The world has never been a static place. It is composed of creativity, thoughts and action.

The capturing of natural scenic beauty, or living beings by an artist or film-maker, in a single frame, may appear static, but it appeals to the senses. It spurs human beings to act. The stillness transforms into movement, as the mind connects one frame to another.

I exist because

I act to change the world in

bits and instalments.

I leave a part of myself

in every bit that I touch.


I have never been able to grasp the concept of Work-Life balance, as I couldn’t separate the two aspects of existence. Do we refer to employment/a professional’s engagement with clients as Work? Do we refer to entertainment and relaxation as Life? Some women find themselves divided between home and the workplace. Is it not akin to balancing two different arenas of work?

Are we really dead, while we work for a living? Is it that the former is imposed, and the latter a choice? Does the level of productivity separate the two concepts? Or do we refer to paid work as Work, and unpaid work as Life?

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2 thoughts on “WORK IS LIFE

  1. Deeply appreciate the insights presented in this post Reena A subject that needs this important clarification of the integration of it all . Thank you in these intuitive resonance as well.

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