9 Rasas ( Emotions) in the corporate context #MyFirstPostRevisited


This is in response to a suggestion by Elsie Hagley (Kiwinana)


Reena Saxena

A picture is worth a thousand words. And the myriad emotions, thoughts and reflections it generates are many more. Let the pictures speak :

  1. Shringar Ras ( Beauty, Visual Delight, Aesthetics)

corporate shringarcorporate saree

2. Hasya Ras ( Humour)

snakes and corporate ladders

3. Karuna Ras ( Mercy)

corporate mercy

4. Raudra Ras ( Anger, Fury)

corporate anger

5. Veer Ras (Bravery)


6. Bibhatsa Ras (Disgust)

corporate sadismquitting

7. Bhayanak Ras ( Fear)

fraud exposureCorporate Fear

8. Adbhut Rasa ( Wonder)

corporate adbhutacorporate wonders

9. Shant Ras ( Peace)

corporate peace


Your response will vary as per the mental state that you are in.

Nine Expressions

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