The Jewel

Conforming has never been a skill that I could show on my resume. Trailblazing and taking up new challenges are proven assets.

I can never be as coy, feminine and graceful as the woman in the picture, if those qualities are considered as prerequisites for being a Duchess or Princess. The royal family is rigid about their requirements. I can see the indifference and disapproval in their stiff demeanour. Will I trade my individuality for wealth, fame and love? The latter is yet to be proved. Will you give up your rights to the throne, to be with me? Or just expect me to reshape myself in the prescribed mould?

We need to talk, Prince Francis! And it is not about going down in history, as the woman who refused to wear the royal ring. It is about the jewel that I am, and need to be preserved.

(148 words)


Inspired by Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers -108th Challenge

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