• The theme words ‘Light and Dark’ are not used in the piece at all, but run through the entire composition.
  • The ‘first person plural’ is used, keeping with the theme of duality.
  • The title and cover picture are integral parts of the piece, and complete the message.

We do not co-exist, but cannot exist without the other. Our identities are defined by absence of the other. Call us two sides of a well-crafted coin, or the wisdom of parallel riverbanks which never meet. There is always a connecting point that separates us, and it owes its existence to us.

At times, we just decide to rule different parts of the world, different mind-sets and challenge the power of the other. It gives living beings a reason to live, a cause to strive for, and a framework to craft identities. It accentuates individuality.

Our recurring appearance defeats redundancy. Contrast makes life interesting. It beats the indecisiveness of in-between shades. Vacillation gives way to a powerful presence.


No love lost here,

we demerge to define

sharp identities.

Order is empowered to

cut the greyness of chaos.

Inspired by Colleens-weekly-poetry-challenge-27-light-dark/

Colleen’s Weekly #Poetry Challenge # 27 – “Light & Dark”

Coverpic :

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