Death has no Mercy

I smashed all mirrors around me, as I could not bear the ugliness of my life and actions. I was not born to be a criminal. I was not born to cheat and kill. Circumstances made me what I am today.

I stand on the border of life and death, and see no mercy or forgiveness. The clarity of the universe reflects my grotesqueness back on me, down to the tiniest detail. The places I lived and the moments I erred …. I am answerable. I am guilty.

I stood at the crossroads long ago, and made the wrong choice.

(100 words)


Inspired by 100 Word Wednesday – Week 11 by Bikurgurl 

100 Word Wednesday: Week 11


8 thoughts on “Death has no Mercy

  1. Powerfully evocative of the shame and blame we give ourselves. Very moving as always – depths of emotion conveyed. Thank you so much for lending your lovely voice ❤


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