The Elements


Water is strong till

fire evaporates it

or the earth absorbs.


Earth holds water to

become ether of life,

fire existence.

The mother of all life

never has airs about it.


The body is made up of five elements – earth, fire, water, air and ether. It is the ether that fascinates me most. The eternal spirit that evaporates, and leaves the body at a stage, called the end of life. So, is ether an element of life? So, are other four, perishables with a limited shelf life?

Ether is what carries me beyond life. Ether is the essence of my existence. My soul is composed of ether, which keeps the body together. The biggest marvel of existence is the memory of the soul. It is able to carry imprints beyond the confines of earthly existence, and no physicist on earth has been able to explain it.

Carry me to another planet. Carry me beyond the planetary universe. Help me in knowing, what the body does not know.

I think hence I am.

Break long-standing fallacies,

they do not ring true.

I am ether, hence, I am

imperishable life.


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