The Forest

The sight of this abandoned car was a relief. It meant that human beings had touched this forest before. Maybe, there was someone around who could help. And the scent of a man was not strange to the denizens of the forest. He was not armed to fight them.

Jake had landed here, after his parachute failed to open. He suspected that it was the conspiracy of his arch rival, Captain Aaron, but investigation was possible, only if he got out of this place, alive. The placement of the damaged vehicle, and the extension of branches inside, indicated a considerable lapse of time after the accident.

A closer inspection shocked him out of his wits. A skeleton lay on the driving seat. So, indeed, it was a long time ago, and the animals in the forest had tasted human blood. The key chain hanging from the ignition was familiar. It was the one he had gifted his girlfriend long ago, who had left him to marry Captain Aaron.

(168 words)


Inspired by Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers – FFWAC – Week 106




  1. Oh, heck! That’s not good. I like the way you snuck in that the local fauna is familiar with the taste of human beings – this guy may not last long! Nice spin on the prompt pic πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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