The Space Ride

“Hey, there!”

The voice was unmistakably familiar, but the sight alien. I had forgotten to close the window, before going to bed. Has a rocket or missile entered my garden?

I could barely move my limbs or lips, but I wanted to say,

“Hey, whoever-you-are, Mr. Alien! Stay for some time, as my son would love to meet you. He has to write an essay on space travel to other planets, and your inputs might help.”

A deep throated, muffled sound said,

“I have come to take your son with me. Mr. Elon Musk has organized a special space ride for kids, on Children’s Day….”

“No. I don’t care about Mr. Musk or his outlandish promises. But I cannot risk sending my only child out there. No adventure or thrill is worth losing him. He is so precious to me….”

My voice trailed off with emotion, as tears trickled down my cheeks.

“Hey, Dad! Wake up! It was great to hear that. You threatened to banish me into outer space, for not completing my homework yesterday….”

My son, pulled off his space suit, and broke into giggles. What a relief it was to hold my son in my arms again.


Inspired by Sunday Photo Fiction





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