She was a beauty – cherished, pampered and well-cared for, but had spent her life in captivity. The transition from babyhood to youth, passed away unnoticed. She peeped out of the window, and fantasized about the pleasures, which the outside world offered. A few books, carefully selected by her protectors, the ageing tutors and the glimpses of life from the window, fed her limited imagination. Those could never compensate for the lack of experience.

A bud could never blossom into a flower, and the criminal gardeners were never held accountable.

A beautiful flower

withered away so soon

knew only the branch.

Haibun inspired by 100 Word Wednesday- Week 9 at Bikurgurl.

100 Word Wednesday: Week 9



  1. Oh my goodness! So much feeling and imagery – I can imagine being a child of such shelteredness which would eventually lead to self doubt and ruin. Every person gets to the age when they know there is more, yet to not be granted the freedom to find it seems unforgiveable. Well done — what a multifaceted perspective! Thank you for joining us again this week 🙂

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