The old building appeared to be ensnared with electric wires, gasping for breath, just like the brand it housed, which could not keep up with changing times.

Reinvention and rebranding were non-negotiable. Jim realized this a bit too late, as he walked out of the building, with hunched shoulders, now unemployed. He had been a copywriter for twenty six long years. He had not bothered to stay updated with technology, and social media marketing. There were few takers for his creativity, as content was churned out, with just a few keywords punched in. Competence was not an insurance against unemployment.


Inspired by 100 Word Wednesday- Week 8 at Bikurgurl

100 Word Wednesday: Week 8

5 thoughts on “ReInvention

  1. It’s sad when out-of-vogue services are left to decay in dilapidated conditions. However, as with much in life, people yearn for the ‘good old days’ – trying to make due with less. Go back to a simpler time. However, with photography, I don’t know if manual photography is actually simpler, but it is much more tactile than ubiquitous digital filters and quick shots. Thank you so much for your story πŸ™‚

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