What does Luck take?

Being at the right place and time needed careful planning.

Portraying the boss in a favorable light, put him in uncomfortable spots.

Standing on two feet was tough, while manoeuvring moves.

He killed his conscience for walking over others.

The halo of success enveloped him, and he was envied for how lucky he got.


Inspired by In other words, luck at Patricia’s Place

In Other Words, Luck…

9 thoughts on “What does Luck take?

  1. Strange the people we see as lucky. Luck is hard work without hurting other and leads to success. Seems the man in your story should not be envied. Good story, Reena! Thanks for sharing it with In Other Words.

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  2. And while he might have appeared very lucky to outsiders, my guess is that he wasn’t a very happy man. Sometimes what appears to shine is but a thin veneer covering a person who acts out of desperation and does despicable things.

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