The conspiracy was getting thicker and darker, with each passing day. She refused to give up work ethics, and the power corridors viewed it as an affront to their slimy tactics.

She was getting clear insights into how they had reached wherever they were, and it was certainly not capability, that propelled them. Capability was the last thing that mattered. Stooges were given ruling power and inside information, to strengthen their position. The only thing expected of them, was unquestioning loyalty.

Quitting needs strength, but she had plenty of that. The Sun shone again, after its journey through the clouds.


Inspired by Friday Fictioneers at Rochelle Wisoff

3 March 2017



  1. Sounds so much of what is happening in India – be it government offices or private sector companies or education institutions or even religious concerns or just about anywhere.
    I am happy the sun is shining again!

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