Waiting for Mom

The roof had crashed on the Josephs. A kidnapper had called to ask for ransom, in return for their only child. Bubbles had sounded frightened and desperate on the phone.

“Mom, please save me. I do not know what will they do to me. I am scared.”

Tears were flowing down their cheeks, as they took count of their resources, to meet the demand for ransom. Well-wishes did suggest that they inform the police. But their child’s safety was paramount. What if they tried to harm Bubbles? His terrified voice kept ringing in their ears.

They pulled out the car from the garage, to drive to the city and initiate action. The moo-ing of the calf  distracted Mrs. Joseph from her reverie. She saw the expression in the eyes of the calf, waiting for his mother to return home.

Involuntarily, she stepped out of the car, and unlocked the gate. The calf was free to meet her mother.


Inspired by Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers Challenge -104th Challenge





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