Sober Peter

Peter had been the sober, obedient child in the family.

His mother had a soft corner for him, and supported him in all sibling conflicts.

Today, Peter had shredded his brother’s text books, cut his new clothes into pieces, and dismantled his toys.

The family was aghast at this unexpected behavior, just a day before they were planning his birthday bash.

Peter was the second child in the family, and always had to manage on hand-me-downs from his elder brother.

He wanted new things for his birthday, and for the next academic year in school.


Inspired by Six Sentence Stories

Cue: Second




  1. Being a second-born child myself, I can relate to the struggles of having your own place, identity, and belongings, but in my case my younger sister was the apple of my father’s eye, while the eldest was my mother’s, leaving me in limbo somewhere between. Sadly, Peter has chosen a poor way to make his frustrations known, instead of understanding he will likely be in trouble for his behavior. I wish his parents would have been a little more perceptive and built up better communication so they’d know what was behind this sudden burst of destruction. Good story!!

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