Whatever brought

Strangers in your bed,

Lovers of my beloved,

pyramided on the window-sill,

against the disappearing wall.


the cages do not hold,

man and animal

around the melting throne

Is it the king

in the suitcase beside your bed?


When we meet again,

and you are tired of this dream.


You will have something
to say to him.

Written for Whiteout Wednesday #04


Original piece

You in White

I will always bring you poems,
and the fruit of orchards

Strangers in your bed,
will hear their passion
and weep

Lovers of my beloved,
watch how
her lips like clothes
wear her body like
on songs

The sky is the fire
of cedar and gold.

In smokey cages
peacocks fret.
The cages do not hold
the burning man –
in each
peacocks drown around the melting throne.

The king lies beside you
his crown
the suitcase beside your bed

We meet again
you in white,
I smelling of orchards

This dream,
the sad-eyed man
he stayed all the night –

You have something
to say to him.



  1. Thank you so much for playing along to another WOW Reena 🙂

    This is really excellent – I’m totally bowled over.

    I mean I know that Cohen is a master, so using a solid poem as a base should yield some awesome results – but so far, my head is spinning with the content. (It’s early days, but someone else just offered up 3 in response.) Great base content means amazing and interesting new pieces – so I’ve loved how you’ve picked and pieced this into new meaning. It really is gorgeous – uniquely interesting lines and a whole new idea springing to life!

    Thanks again Reena 🙂


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