The Panic Attack

What is panic, really? I am a fairly strong individual, who can face the challenges of life with equanimity. Yet, there are certain situations that beat the hell out of me.

  • The news that a large group from my extended family is arriving at short notice unnerves me. The maid has bunked, and the nearby home delivery joint has been delivering substandard food, for the last two weeks. To top it all, they are vegetarians, and my fridge is stocked with frozen cuts of all kinds.
  • A sudden meeting comes up, and I discover that I have forgotten the lipstick at home. So, retouches are not possible, and I have to go as a ‘poorly finished product’ of the company.
  • A wedding invitation, and very little time to dress up. Worse still, my bete noire turns up wearing the same outfit, and says she bought it cheap from the annual sale at Greenways. I do not know, if I should stay or go back home.
  • I have spent a huge amount on carefully selected accessories, but the outfit for the occasion has not been delivered in time.
  • I drop a vase, and discover that it was an antique piece my boyfriend’s mother inherited from her grandpa. I swear it was ugly, but she has not approved our alliance, yet.

And what do I do about it? Just hope and pray that ‘this too shall pass’. And pass it does, as I have survived to tackle bigger challenges.


Inspired by Prompt #2006 Don’t Panic at the Writing Reader

Take on

Non-Fiction / Speechwriting Prompt: Tell your audience a humorous story about a time that made you panic.




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