No Smoking Zone

Her world crashed with the phone call. The plane which her fiancé, Jeremy had taken to the West Coast was blown off by terrorists. How did they get on board, despite the tight security? Connivance from the airline staff was almost certain.

She checked the last picture and message that Jeremy had sent her from the airport. The message read,

“The flight is delayed, due to security alerts and some additional checks being carried out. The man in the yellow jacket borrowed my lighter for a fag, and has not bothered to return it. Wait a minute, isn’t this a no-smoking zone? Maybe, I should ask him. He speaks with a funny accent, and I feel uncomfortable.

Take care, love! Miss you, and will call ASAP.”

Had Jeremy been the cause of his own end? She left for the police station with the phone.


Inspired by Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers – 103rd Challenge

Pic: Dawn M. Miller



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