It was the scent of a lady from a bygone era. The Old Demon could not have missed that. He often wandered on the beach, in the darkness of New Moon nights, in search of victims to quench his thirst. He had the gift of remaining invisible till he launched his attack, so the targeted victims did not suspect anything, till…..

The beach was known to be haunted, and tourists avoided the place after sunset. He specifically targeted young brides, if the honeymooners loitered around late, in search of privacy. But this one was different. He remembered his life as a human, before the Curse had turned him into a demon. He was deeply in love with his sixteen year old neighbour, Annie. She played hard to get, testing his patience all the way. He lived in the hope of winning her heart someday, with his selfless gestures. He was probably being taken for granted, but it was too late when he realized that. She was married to the rich scion of a business family.

He had confronted her that New Moon night on the same beach, where she was romancing her husband. So, the doe-eyed beauty was not as innocent as her looks suggested. She knew what love was. But it was reserved for someone else – a rival, a enemy or another unsuspecting victim? Was she capable of being faithful to anyone?

His ungentlemanly behavior had earned him the ire of Powers Up There, and he was condemned to a Demon’s life for hundred years. He was overpowered by the Force, which compelled him to do demonic deeds. The super powers of the Force, prevented him from being seen or caught. And so, the dastardly acts had continued…..

But this scent was pulling him back to his human past today. He had to fight back the Force, which compelled him to attack. And it was an old lady this time around, wandering alone, not a young bride. He got close enough to confirm and recognized her.

He summoned all his power to push back the Force, and jumped into the sea, to prevent the involuntary heinous act. It was a test of his eternal love, and the mark of a gentleman. The old lady was none other, than his beloved Annie. Was she looking for him?? Hope never dies.

Inspired by Weekly Writing Prompt- 77 at Secretkeeper

(5) Words:| MOON | ERA | SCENT | MARK |TEST |

Weekly Writing Prompt #77


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