Happiness is ….

Happiness is not having to worry about retirement planning or health insurance. Happiness is eating your favorite foods in moderation, and not having to worry about obesity. It is also being able to read and write without spectacles. It is okay to get a corrective surgery done. I keep forgetting my glasses, and I donโ€™t like the marks they leave on my nose bridge. Happiness is not having nosy relatives prying into your life, and doling out unsolicited advice. It is about working independently, and not having an idiot, psychopath boss dictate terms.

Happiness lies in the capability to help others, as it gives one a sense of wholeness. I cannot give, unless I am overflowing with something, and sharing creates a circle of love and trust around me.

At another level, happiness might lie in knowing the future, and a complete acceptance of it. I look forward to death or renewal of life. I have had enough of this one. Give me something else, a new stone to carve, new clay to mould, a new canvas to paint on and a new book to write. I am a writer, because I like recreating life. This has the essence of my experience. The next lifetime may be a fresh story.

Happiness is also not having to believe in the so-called happiness coaches. They want to make you believe that one can create happiness from thin air, like a magic wand, with the Law of Attraction, or Neuro-Linguistic Programming, or whatever fancy term they concoct for it. Happiness comes from within, and it is perfectly okay, if it is not there.

The chemistry of happiness may help in the release of endorphins, serotonin and dopamine in the system, but it is a transitory state โ€“ a state of the body and mind, not soul. What we try to create outside us, are momentary distractions for the mind to play with, to keep a hope and zest alive. Happiness is acceptance of facts, not creating fiction. There is no harm in creating those fictional bits, but call a spade a spade. Do not sell the fictional bits in the garb of reality.

The wearing off of illusions creates a deeper sadness.


Inspired by IBMC #10 The Happiness Challenge by Prakash Hegde



Coverpic: neatoday.com



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