The parrot that flew away is a legend in Azerbaijan. Tourists flock to Blaband village to see the empty cage. The cage now has a paper bird in it, to symbolize Pally, the parrot.

Blaband is an island village in the Lerik Rayon. A fisherman’s boat landed there in 1954, emerging from the stormy seas. They had lost direction, and decided to stay put in the village, till the storm subsided, and they could find suitable directions to return home.

A young lad, Roger, was in the crew who played the mouth organ beautifully. Pally worked hard at exercising his vocal chords, to imitate the musical notes. He learnt to do it perfectly, and enjoyed the villagers gathering around him to listen.

The quiet, uneventful place was rocked by a scandal, when they found that the Chief’s daughter had eloped with Roger on the boat. Pally’s new musical skills drew ire from the villagers, as it reminded them of the villainous Roger. The Chief pelted stones at the cage, and threatened to kill Pally, if he ever raised those notes again.

Pally learnt to imitate the pastor in the church, and delivered sermons, but the residents of Blaband would not forgive him. The girl returned after a year, heartbroken and deserted by her city-bred lover. She opened the cage door one evening, and let him go.

“Fly to distant lands, Pally, where your talent is appreciated. But never trust a stranger.”

Tourists are surprised to hear sounds of rock music, jazz and dialogues from movies, which have never reached the isolated shores of Blaband. Villagers say that Pally brings them news from afar, but never shows himself. He loves his birth place, but has not forgiven the hatred. It is a small attempt to integrate them with the world outside.


Inspired by Writing Prompt – February 19th – Randomize

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Bilabənd (also, BilabandBlaband, and Balabant) is a village and municipality in the Lerik Rayon of Azerbaijan. It has a population of 766.

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  1. Wow, this was amazing, I got really immersed in the story. I really like that you kept the information concise and interesting, it really helped me keep my attention and interest. I also like the sweet mysticism that you have woven through.
    Thank you for participating in the prompt, I hope you had fun!

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