The Writer’s Block

He was greeted by a curious sight on the beach. The bottle he saw yesterday at the junk seller’s shop was lying there, amidst sea creatures, which looked like monsters guarding it.

How did the bottle reach here? Cyrus had sold off his books, to pay for his stay in Goa for two more days. The writer had come here to find inspiration for his next book, but had found none. The beach was dirty in the monsoon, and attracted very few tourists. It meant low tourism business despite the ads, and fewer stories.

Was there a life trapped inside the bottle, to be rescued by a Prince Charming? How and why did destiny conspire to bring the bottle in his close view for the second time? He looked deep, and saw the shape of a woman’s body inside. The monsters waiting outside, would perhaps pull her back into the sea with them, and she would be lost to civilization, again, for aeons. She was perhaps revisiting this place, looking for someone, maybe for Cyrus, to give her a new life.

Cyrus threw the bottle against a rock, to release a new story. He had finally overcome the writer’s block.


Inspired by Flash Fiction for the Practical Practitioner-2017  Week #08

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