The Dinosaur

“I have won an award, Dad.”

“Congratulations, son! But where have you been for the last 4 days?”

“Digging dinosaur remains in the desert. We are combining it with Virtual Reality and 3D printing, to create a real experience for kids”, Sammy was babbling with excitement.

Jim Morris, his father, was lost in thoughts.

“Oh, Dad… I guess it is all Latin and Greek to you. Let me update you with some videos and articles on the subject. Our professors have done tremendous research, before the team could create an acceptable product. We are going to take the kids’ world by storm, Dad. Just watch out…. “

The teenager pulled out his tablet to show something, but Jim was not in the room. He reappeared after half an hour, with a wooden toy in hand.

“Son, I have dug up the attic, if not the desert. Remember this toy hung on your cradle?”

“Not really. But I have seen it in the attic. What about it?”

“I had assembled this from several broken toys, because we couldn’t afford new ones for you. This gave a fillip to your imagination. It may be Latin and Greek to a dinosaur like me.”


Written for  Sunday Photo Fiction – February 19th, 2017

Inspired by a news article

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