BSP’s Mathura candidate booked for clicking selfie with EVM

(electronic voting machine)

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This is just another instance of how public figures are unable to resist the lure of the selfie culture. An earlier incident had a female politician click selfies in a drought-struck place she was visiting, and post them on social media, unmindful of the gravity of the mission. This one has a political candidate flout the secrecy of the electoral process.

If you cannot be Googled, you might as well not exist- says the personal branding dictum. At another level, life is what one has lived through selfies uploaded on social media, or the updates that one has posted. Else, the incident has not happened. Some of us might recall a satirical video clip on a travel agent organizing photography sessions with the right background screens. He gave his client an ‘economy vacation’ – one that they never really embarked on. The snapshots served the purpose – of getting ‘likes’ and envious comments on social media.

What inspired this candidate to click a selfie? He was perhaps flagging off the march towards victory, and intended to tweet the selfie. It perhaps, marked the beginning of a journey for him. It could have been a a go-ahead signal to his supporters and party workers to follow suit in voting for him. All said and done, he has landed himself in the spotlight, for the wrong reasons.

Jayalalithaa befriended Sasikala, a videographer, to garner the desired publicity, and embarked on a journey, that finally led to her death. Unfortunately, there were no camera phones in that era.

Life is what happened, while you make plans. Life is also what happened between the selfie shots. And life will be what biographers or the paparazzi record in your off-guard moments.


Written for the IBMC#07 The News and Paper Challenge


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