Saturday Mix

Prompt 1 – Flash Fiction

A posse of police vehicles entered the resort hotel. They had received information about a planned terrorist attack. They were scanning the record of each guest.

“Naseem Ahmad?” The guy at the reception desk murmured, “He is an author who has checked in to write a book undisturbed. He does not interact with anybody, other than room service.”

“We need to conduct a surprise check in his room.”

“Sure, Sir! Room no. 404, fourth right from the elevator. Here is the set of extra keys.”

Naseem Ahmad was not in the room. They found a fountain pen, and an unfinished manuscript of a book, tentatively titled A Night of Terror. The entire area was put on high alert, while they combed the vicinity.

Naseem watched the drama with binoculars from a nearby terrace. He had made an anonymous call to the police, to get first hand ideas for his book.

(150 words)

The chosen three elements – author, resort hotel, fountain pen

Prompt 2 – Free on the Fives


Value added by a weed

Several species it can feed

I question my existence

The worthlessness of life, if

I cannot help someone in need.

Prompt 3 – Shadorma – Journey

Life was

a tiring journey

heavy feet

thirsty lips

fading enthusiasm

but yet, not reached home.


Inspired by Saturday Mix- Lorraine

Cover pic :

3 thoughts on “Saturday Mix

  1. Three worthy contributions. I love the idea of the author calling the police to see how it was “done” for his novel — his Night of Terror is bound to be a best seller — hope he doesn’t have to write it from a jail cell!
    The two verses key in on the photo and theme. Life is a thirsty journey, tiring, and enthusiasm can wane. It describes the feeling depression as well. Tired, unenthusiastic, never feeling quite a home in life.
    Thanks so much for participating.


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