Her arch rival was dead today.

How she had hated the guts and glory of the woman! Angela owned every art, animal and human being that she chose to love. Angela was admired, envied and widely written about.

For Angela Jackson was made of star material …. She broke records even with her funeral attendance. Fans had thronged in thousands, for a glimpse of the coffin that carried her stately self.

Myra was too busy to attend.. She got drunk, carried out the bust that her sculptor husband had created, and broke it with a vengeance. Her revenge was complete.


Inspired by Friday Fictioneers by Rochelle Wisoff

17 February 2017

Coverpic: Liz Young, hosted by Rochelle Wisoff

20 thoughts on “Revenge

  1. Oh, bitterness! Is it really sweet? Will Myra be happy now?
    You start out the second paragraph with “she” being Myra, but your “she” switches to mean Angela in the second sentence. I think for clarity you should specify. “Angela owned every piece of art…”

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