About Reena Saxena

A coach, trainer, personal branding consultant and ex-banker, who developed further an inherent flair for writing.

I have contributed to two published anthologies in Poetry, Com Pen Di Um and Life As It Happens

ReInventions is the outfit that I run, to provide personal consultancy, coaching and mentoring services. Training (Banking and Soft Skills) is another aspect.

  • Coach/mentor to the change-makers running NGOs
  • Coach and mentor to returning professionals

My newest challenge is MoneyGoalz – a startup to help people with personal financial planning. It is in process of being launched. Wish me luck!

You may follow me on :

Website                http://moneygoalz.com 


LinkedIn               https://in.linkedin.com/in/reenasaxena

Twitter                @ReenaSaxena @reenareflects, @rreinventions

Instagram            reinventions.reena

Quora                    https://www.quora.com/profile/Reena-Saxena-4





I will be happy to let this remain an award-free blog.


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