About ReInventions and Reena

A coach, trainer, personal branding consultant, content developer and ex-banker, who developed further an inherent flair for writing.

The transformation is clearly visible, if the posts on this blog are seen in chronological order. I could always write non-fiction articles and poems, hence, that was an ability taken for granted. I kept churning out blogs on Behavior management, Psychology, Business and Current topics, till I discovered that story-telling facilitates my work.

I decided to challenge myself in writing fiction, and the efforts in micro-fiction and micro-poetry are here to see. As of now, I use prompts as an aid. I learn everyday, and enjoy the process thoroughly.

Non-fiction writing continues, and is here as well.

I have contributed to two published anthologies in Poetry, Com Pen Di Um and Life As It Happens. A compilation of 58 published blogs on Behavior Management and Thinking, titled ReInventions  is available as an e-book. Details given here

ReInventions is the outfit that I run, to provide personal consultancy, coaching and mentoring services. Training (Banking and Soft Skills) and E-Learning content development is also part of the work that I do.

Check out, by clicking on the tags above. And do not forget to leave a few words of feedback.

You may follow me on :

Website                http://reinventions.in

LinkedIn               https://in.linkedin.com/in/reenasaxena

FB Page                  https://www.facebook.com/ReInventions.Reena/

FB Group               https://www.facebook.com/groups/reinventions/

Twitter                @reenareflects, @rreinventions, @ReenaSaxena

Instagram            reinventions.reena

Quora                      https://www.quora.com/profile/Reena-Saxena-4


I will be happy to let this remain an award-free blog.




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