The Pillars

The Hanging Pillar of LePakshi temple could have been the eighth, ninth or tenth wonder of the world. Despite wide circulation in social media, nobody has bothered to explain the engineering marvel, in terms of Physics and Mechanics. At least, I have not seen any.

Anyway, my gaze was just fixated on the space at the bottom, which the pillar offers, for sheets and shawls to pass through. It may be just about adequate for an insect to pass through unharmed. Do they undertake the adventure, without fear of being crushed?

It brought back memories of childhood, when I got my head stuck between two closely-placed rectangular pillars, in the porch of my aunt’s home in Dehradun. Those killer pairs were called ‘show pillars’, and I had just decided to try my luck, in a Hide-and-Seek game. I squeezed myself through the narrow space, but was unable to step out on the other side. Bad manoeuvring, I guess…  And what a crowd that gathered to watch me hanging between the pillars! Head totally stuck, and the body floating in air. Survival was difficult, they said, and my mother fainted. There were no mobile cameras to preserve the moment for posterity.

Some people poured oil and soap water on my head, to see if the lubrication would help me in slipping out. No luck! The last resort was to call a mason, to make a dent in the pillar. A stool was placed under me, for my feet to rest, and my uncle placed his palms on my head, for protection from the hammer strokes. A few dents in the plaster, and I was out.

Childhood has its merits. The world offers unconditional help. I may not be so lucky today, so estimating the path ahead makes sense. But, I have got into tight spaces, and emerged in one piece on the other side. The lessons were learnt early in life.


Written for IBMC #02 Freeze a Foto Challenge


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