They came, they interfered, they never saw me again.

The roller coaster of life will hit the ground at some point, you never know when.

So busy was Jimmy Choo, storing ice cream in her shoe.

We are really busy, because we have no life, and we work non-stop at faking one.

Follow me, because I am lost, in the hope of meeting someone who is not.

Randomness is the art and science and probability of the possible.

Stay where you are, God, as insurance companies are doing a good job.

I came close to Life, and realized I was not insured.

Yama, Yama… give me manna ……  from heaven or hell, as your licence permits.

Lucifer did his best, and politicians completed the rest.


Written for IBMC #03 Risk for a Random Challenge



Cover pic: newton.ac.uk

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