The Nexus

The city was notorious for having the highest crime rate in the country. It was all attributed to cross-border terrorism. The local administration had received huge grants from the Central Government to combat terrorist activity. Plans were formulated and approved every week, but with no perceptible relief to the public.

A convoy of police vehicles suddenly dotted the streets at zero hour, overshadowing the illumination with the blinding glare of their headlights. Windows lit up gradually, as the residents woke up in anticipation of a planned encounter, or bomb alert. What would happen next?

The politicians and local bigwigs were desperately looking for a place to hide. They could not move fast in their drunken stupor, or differentiate between camera flashes and vehicle headlights.

It was a mafia don’s wedding, and they were all enjoying his lavish hospitality.

Inspired by Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers Challenge – February 14, 2017

Photo credit: Sunayana at MoiPensieve



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