The Chandelier

She stood upright, with the earth moving under her feet. She was the force which did not fear fire, flow with the floods or shake with the earthquake.

All those who were fortunate enough to be on her team, experienced her warm protection and loving care. They saw the gentle, glowing light of a tall, white candle, which re-ignited their own flickering flames. Together, they illuminated the chandeliers, which shone in places of worship. She taught them to use discretion before trust, ethics before action and the intention before the declaration. The gentle breeze of her affection pushed them on the path of action, allowing them to pause and choose. They could quit whenever they wanted. The nod of her head, and the quiet confidence of her smile spoke volumes. She knew it that the torch-bearers of truth would come back. If virtue and strength unnerved the others, they were not of her ilk.

Yes, she believed in sharing strength, not trading on weaknesses.


Inspired by Prompt #1999 on The Writing Reader


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