The Circus

Those circus tents were back in town. The white, snowy exterior induced a chill in his spine.

The tents used to be colourful in his heydays, to attract children to the clowns, animals and the artists in shiny costumes. He had spent the best days of his life, there. He shuddered to remember the day, he had fled from bondage.

He had inherited the circus from his father. The business hit a low spot, as alternative means of entertainment sprung up, and people no longer queued up for tickets to the circus. Losses were mounting up. They were unable to pay the bills, as the overheads piled up. They had to feed and house the human and four-legged artists.

He lost his father to a massive myocardial infarction. The staff feared that he will run away, leaving debts behind. Hence, he was incarcerated for a few days.

He was not sure if he should walk into those tents again. Maybe he will be attacked and locked up. Yet, his feet dragged him in that direction. Maybe, just maybe, the girl who had helped in his escape, was still there, awaiting his return. It was his turn to return the favour…


Inspired by Sunday Photo Fiction — Week of February 12,2017

Cover pic: Sascha Darlington

17 thoughts on “The Circus

  1. Great story telling, Reena. Sadly, the circus is becoming less popular as we find other ways to entertain ourselves, and also due to concerns over the treatment of animals. Thank you for following ThusNSuch.

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  2. Sounds like a really sad situation to be in and not his fault. But you would so feel responsible for all those people and the animals. Your story reminded me a bit of Water for Elephants the book. And also about knows of a well known circus shutting down. Poor guy I wonder what he’ll do, he’s very weighted down, I hope him and his girl at least work out.

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  3. I’m afraid the circus is coming to an end. The public doesn’t seem particularly attracted to it as a form of entertainment anymore, plus how the animals are treated has come under question. I went to the circus as a child and took my children too, but I doubt I’ll ever have the opportunity to take my grandchildren.

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  4. I think my favorite part about this story is the circus staff fearing he will run away from them. It’s a subtle turn on the old motif of “running away to join the circus,” yet just the opposite. Well done!

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