The music grew louder, as the evening progressed. But, my gaze was transfixed on the flame in the fireplace. I saw the various gyrating shapes, both dark and glowing. Were they dancing, or trying to jump out? Were they celebrating life, or embracing death?

It all depended on what elements were they made of? Fire, smoke, timber and the bricks that made the fireplace all had a distinct identity. Yet, it was fascinating to see them present a single, united picture.

You see me today

Celebrate me tomorrow

I am your spirit.


Options are open

Make, till it finally breaks

Live,till you meet death.

Haibun (with two haikus) inspired by Thursday Photo Prompt #writephoto contest

Thursday photo prompt – Flame #writephoto

9 thoughts on “Flame

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  3. A pair of Haiku is known as Haibun I came to know now…I’ve few of them already posted but had titled them Two (Haiku) (if you want to check on them check Florilegium of Haiku in my blog Thoughts of Words)…by the way nice pair of haiku, they are….


    1. This is what Wikipedia has to say on Haibun “Haibun (俳文?, literally, haikai writings) is a prosimetric literary form originating in Japan, combining prose and haiku. The range of haibun is broad and frequently includes autobiography, diary, essay, prose poem,[1] short story and travel journal”. Can I have a ink to your blog? Thanks.


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