The Lost Self

And who was Daisy May? The movie page says “a delicious and hot country gal who’s dying to discover the secrets of hillbilly humping – and so much more”. So much more, for sure, as I see a part of myself separated from the other, lost in the woods.

When did I lose myself, and get entangled in the world around me? Responsibilities, commitments, the pursuit of excellence in every venture and proving my worth in the immediate environment. But there was something that I could have excelled in, with much less effort, because it was so ‘me’. And I left it behind.

This picture has ignited the past, and an urge to reconnect with my lost self. Yes, words and thoughts stimulate me, beyond the emails and messages that comprise my life. There you go, baby! A writer is born today.


Inspired by FFAWC -101st Challenge – Week of February 7th

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