The Lipstick Mark


He found himself in police lock-up, after an attempt to break into Daisy’s room through the window. He had managed to bypass the security guards, and climb up quick on the water pipe, to reach her window.

Daisy was fast asleep with a magazine lying upside down on her bosom. He stood frozen in that moment, with his legs on a shaky base, but mind wandering back to a year ago. She was a girl from the big, bad city visiting her uncle in that small town. They lived next door, and he had mooned over her beauty and grace, for several days. His joy knew no bounds, when she borrowed a book from his library, to read in the lazy summer afternoons. The book was returned by her uncle, after she returned home, and it carried a lipstick mark on a particular page.

It was just the life line that the young lover needed. It was a signal, that she reciprocated his sentiments. But, she left no contact details, and he was too scared to ask her uncle. It was a conservative place, and his attempt would have been frowned upon. But, the first flush of youth, and first love carry their own charm and power. He took time to save enough money to travel to the city, locate her address and there he was, standing at her bedroom window, and watching his love in deep slumber, so oblivious to his agony.

The next thing that he remembered was an alarm raised by the security guard, and being driven to the police station by Daisy’s father. All his pleas fell on deaf ears.

It turned out, that Daisy was in the habit of falling asleep, while reading, and her painted lips might have accidentally left marks on the page.


Inspired by Prompt 1991 on The Writing Reader



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