The fish had always loved this. It was a view of their home in the ocean, with several memories associated. Free movement, symbiotic existence with other flora and fauna. It also reminded them of the eery feeling as they saw divers in strange costumes, huge vessels and large nets approach the depths of their haven. They belonged to another world, and the intentions were suspect.

The suspicion was confirmed. After a brief struggle with air- breathing, they found themselves in a tiny, glassy home. The humans had made a feeble attempt at replicating the ocean, but the artificiality of it all always hit hard. They did not have to hunt for food, though. And they loved the movement in this beautiful view. It would take an effort to reach there, but some day, they would succeed. They wondered why the fish there did not move, despite the luxurious growth around them. They spent the day imagining the picnic that they would have in the green waters. Maybe the lazy fish there needed a nudge.

The illusion kept hopes of freedom alive. It was but a picture on the wall, opposite the fish aquarium in the living room. Illusions nurture life.

Inspired by  FlashFiction for the Practical Practitioners — Photo Prompt for Week #05 – 2017

15 thoughts on “Illusion

  1. mandibelle16

    I liked this and your last particularly, “illusion nurtures life.” Very true for the fish taken from the ocean and perhaps very true for humans. Then again, what some might call illusion, others call hope.

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  2. Great story! It’s too bad they were not left alone to live where they wanted to. At least they will be taken care of and they are happy about always having food available, but how long will it take them to realize the fish they see will never move. I guess, eventually they will adjust.

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  3. How traumatic that would be, to be taken from your spacious home in the sea and put into an aquarium, no matter how comfortable it was designed to be. Interesting idea, that they would be confused by a picture — but of course they would, what reference point would they have?

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