Jimmy’s Bar

Jimmy’s Bar was throwing competitors out of business. It was at best, a wooden shack, deep down the road, towards the sea.

There were no half-dressed bartenders. He did not believe in being crass. The drinks on the menu were the same old favorites, served for several years, and without enticing names like “Sex on the Beach”. The customers were served with utmost politeness, and then, left alone.

Writers spent long hours there, with their laptops or writing pads. Couples enjoyed the cosy togetherness, which the place facilitated. And young lads and lasses came to just get a feel of the place.

The competitors could never get the secret of Jimmy’s success. It was all so simple and mundane.

Except for one brilliant piece of art by his wife, a cleverly done stained glass, installed in between the wall, facing the sea. The lamps and doorways painted on it, provided different views, at different times of the day or night. It depended on what the sea was up to, or the people on the beach. The colors of the sky mingled with the glass to produce magical effects. And there was always an interesting movie clip on show.

They inspired.

Inspired by #writephoto Thursday Photo prompt by Sue Vincent.


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