Pulling it down

She had spent several hours in the balcony, behind the branches of that tall tree, reflecting upon life, and writing. Her writing had won global acclaim, and yet, she remained unknown to the world.

She looked in the mirror every morning, at the unsightly scar on her face, and could never dare to venture beyond the door. She could not bear ridicule and rejection. In the process, she had stalled the advances of someone, who admired her work.

Today, she was shocked to see the friendly tree being pulled down, by a familiar face at the front door.

Minutes later, the courier arrived with a parcel – a new book with the author’s name in blazing gold on the black cover. It was her name.

She had graduated from being a ghost-writer to an author. She wanted to wave in acknowledgement from the open balcony.

On second thoughts, she stepped out of the door, to thank him.

Inspired by FFAW 98th Challenge – Week of January 17, 2017


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