Water is a colorless liquid that changes the properties of several other fluids. Water is an unassuming element that never asserts its own identity. It unleashes destruction on the planet, when powered by dark, underground forces, seething in its belly. Is that really a chosen role assumed? One suspects stronger powers forcing its hand, using it as a tool to wreak havoc.

Water has navigated through victory, despair and helplessness, as the ships navigate through it. It houses a lot of life in its underbelly – life that very few human beings have ventured to discover.  Its silent, immeasurable, unknown depth has always perplexed humanity, so used to the loud, echoing valleys.

Water has watched the Ugly Duckling being ridiculed, unaware of its own unique beauty. The erstwhile ugly duckling, now transformed into a swan, is also unaware of the golden light that it leaves in its trail. What a pity, that a creature so unique, crafted in leisure by the Creator, does not know that it was sent here for a purpose. The Golden Swan was created to pull the world out of the dark abyss of ignorance, which drove them to petty comparisons.

Ironically, the Golden Swan flapped around in the water, trying to imitate the quacks, and not seeing the light that it left in its trail. The Water drew on its entire muddy base to stop absorbing light, and created a dark surface. It bowed in gratitude, as the sun set. It created a mirror for the Golden Swan to see itself, and spread the glow.

The message to Humanity was loud and clear. Ignore the ducks quacking around you, and focus on the water which nurtures you. It is waiting to help you find your depth and purpose, and then emerge as a beacon of light.

Inspired by #writephoto – swan Thursday photo prompt

Thursday photo prompt – Swan #writephoto

9 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. A lovely post, Reena. Some really beautiful thoughts shared. I also did some research on swans to write my post which I will complete tomorrow and learned a lot of interesting new facts, particularly, that they mate for life and can pine away if their mate dies.

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  2. I read this line when I was doing research on swans. It immediately sprang to mind when I read your post. Swans are revered in Hinduism, and are compared to saintly persons whose chief characteristic is to be in the world without getting attached to it, just as a swan’s feather does not get wet although it is in water.

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