Picnic Island

The sailors had been ferrying people from the port to The Picnic Island for several years. The decks had seen a lot of partying and merrymaking, as they sailed on choppy seas in the dark, and brought back the revellers safely to the shore.

Very few stopped to notice a forlorn-looking waitress, with empty eyes, serving the guests. She stopped by, observing a few carefully, and then, quickly slunk away into oblivion. She was not pretty enough to attract attention, or ensure repeat business, but her solid dedication had helped her in retaining the job, for ten years, now.

Her deep, dark eyes searched for the one, who had announced their break-up on the island, a decade ago, and disappeared, leaving her behind. She could have easily travelled back home, but stayed back in the hope, that he would return some day.

Inspired by FFAWC – 97th Challenge – Week of January 10,2017


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